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Aloha e komo mai!

The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Hawai'i (RPCVHI) is a member organization of the National Peace Corps Association. We actively try to connect with RPCVs living in Hawai'i through our website, ongoing activities, and opportunities to engage in projects that align with Peace Corps' Third Goal - to bring the world home. We support the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources' efforts to clean the Kawainui Marsh on O'ahu's Windward side with monthly volunteer time; we support the statewide outreach of Hawai'i Public Radio by answering phones at the semi-annual pledge drives; and we join other organizations for beach clean-ups, fundraising walks, and food drives.

We connect and reconnect with RPCVs on O'ahu at monthly "Pau Hana," Annual August BBQ / Picnic at Magic Island, and at the Holiday Fundraiser on the first Sunday of December at Soul de Cuba Cafe.

We also collaborate with the Peace Corps representative at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa to inform those interested in serving in the Peace Corps. (Read more about us)

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In celebration of Corps Week 2015, please join us on March 5th, at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa's Richardson Law School for "Legacy of Peace Corps in Hawai'i," a free film screening of "Sending Aloha Abroad."  There will be a Q & A Panel at the end of this 28-minute film and pupus will be provided by Soul de Cuba Restaurant & Bar. 

When: Thursday, March 5, 2015, 5-7 PM
 Where: CR-2,
 Richardson Law School, UH Manoa
 What: Film and Panel Q & A 
       5:00 PM Introduction: Sean Aronson, Film Maker*
       5:30 PM Film: “Sending Aloha Abroad” (28 Minutes) 
       6:00 PM Q & A: Panel of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
       6:30 PM Closing Comments: Donation of interview, archiving of film, Law School                       Peace Corps Fellowship Grant

Pupus provided by Soul de Cuba

* Copies of Film: Available by Special Order
PARKING: Available at UH-Manoa Law School area adjacent to Law School

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